Our managing partner – Mr Pham The Hung – published his book on Independent Audit

30/03/2022 12:38 UTC - Lượt xem: 27684

Independent Audit is a very new profession in Vietnam, which has it only over 30 years in history. Therefore, although being emerging as an attractive profession and receiving concerns of many people in the society, there has not many books on Independent Audit in Vietnam. With years of experiences in working both in Vietnam and abroad, our managing partner Mr Pham The Hung has written and published the book Independent Audit and Practical Skills for Auditors. This book is the first of its kind in Vietnam written on Independent Audit by a practicing CPA.

This 296-page book not only assesses the current situation and future development of the Independent Audit profession in Vietnam, as well as orients young people who want to pursue Accounting – Auditing field, but also includes a set of necessary skills and useful tips for those who have chosen to stick with Independent Audit career.



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