Hiroki Kitano

17/02/2019 09:25 UTC - Lượt xem: 89322


Hiroki Kitano is a Japanese expert of translation and interpretation in Vietnamese and as a translator and interpreter, he has been playing a vital role for various business and academic fields to connect Japan and Vietnam. After majored in International Politics, Economics and Business in the University of Aoyama Gakuin in Japan, He has obtained a Vietnamese language Certificate at the Center of Vietnamese Studies and Cultural Exchange under Hanoi National University, where he learned Vietnamese language, history, culture and so forth. During the doctoral course of Vietnamese Politics and Economics at Vietnam Institute of Economics, he left the institute to start business career in Vietnam.Starting his career from Tokyo Marine in Japan, he had worked in Japan, China and especially has studied and worked nearly 15 years in Vietnam. He used to be an Operations Manager of Fujita Thanh Cong Joint Venture Company. Just before joining DFK Vietnam, he had worked for TAMURA Machinery Singapore as a Chief Representative in Vietnam.

Besides his broad experiences through the work of translation and interpretation in Vietnamese, he has enough and unique experiences of business management, marketing, customer service etc in the various business fields such as insurance, real estate, construction, electronics, business consultation. He speaks English and Vietnamese fluently.

His knowledge and experience on business can contribute to help foreign investors to facilitate business in Vietnam more smoothly. He is now our key person in charge of marketing and consulting services mainly for Japanese clients.

✉️ Send Hiroki an email: hiroki.kitano@dfkvietnam.com


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