Pham The Hung

17/02/2019 09:25 +07 - Lượt xem: 101693 Hung is a CPA and has more than 20 years working in the auditing and accounting field for foreign invested companies of various industries such as manufacturing, banking, telecommunication, construction and non-profit organizations and projects. He is a master of economics specialized in finance, and a bachelor of accounting and English. Before joining DFK Vietnam, Hung had 8 years experienced in working as audit manager and auditor in-charge, mostly for international audit firms KPMG and Arthur Andersen.

In the past, Hung was promoted by Arthur Andersen to be an auditor in-charge 6 months earlier than the required schedule; and also he was the 1st ranked among 230 candidates from all audit firms who took the CPA exam organized by the Ministry of Finance in August 2001.

Hung is the author of the book “Independent Audit and Practical Skills for Auditors”. This book is the first of its kind in Vietnam written on independent audit by a practicing CPA, and is popularly used as a useful reference for many auditors, accountants, lecturers and students of specialized universities as well as for those interested in the independent audit profession in Vietnam.

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