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Independence and confidentiality

Ethical standard is one of the very first training topics that every staff in our firm must complete. We require strict adherence by ourselves to the ethical rules of the profession. As such, in all aspects of our practice, the firm and its people maintain a strict standard of confidentiality towards information obtained during the course of carrying out our professional duties.

Furthermore, the firm and its people maintain complete independence of interest in relations with clients. Every staff involved in any engagement must sign off a written independent statement before doing it. Also, any staff will need to sign off the time report every two weeks with a clear statement of independence on it.

Staff recruitment

We choose staff carefully. In principle, we only accept the candidates with Big Four experience or fresh ones, to ensure that when the selected persons join our firm, they will be able to go along with our high level of work qualification standards.

Professional continuous training

Besides training on the job plan, we have an in-house training by 80 hours or 10 days per year for all staff. Professional staff are encouraged and supported by the firm to attend additional courses like ACCA or CPA Australia. All CPAs must additionally complete minimum 40 hours of professional continuous updates per year organized by the Ministry of Finance as required by local regulations.

Work reviews


Our works and filings are reviewed by DFK International representatives and also VACPA – a body of the Ministry of Finance on a period of every two or three years. The recent review on audit work papers done by VACPA concluded that our firm’s works and filings reach to 90 marks of 100 in total, and that puts us to the number second best quality firm amongst all firms inspected by VACPA during the year.


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