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Risks are uncertain future events that could influence the achievement of a company’s strategic, operational, financial and compliance objectives. Risks are an unavoidable part of the business process, but good risk management at least protects an organisation against avoidable losses. Risk management is the process of deciding which risks to avoid, control, transfer or tolerate.

We offer a number of risk management services, including:

Financial Risk Management

Obtaining advice on how to manage credit, lower risk and decrease credit loss is crucial for the long-term success of a private company. Your business cannot operate successfully without a healthy financial backdrop. Beyond cash management, we can help with your financing and transactions needs by reviewing and advising on treasury management, including cash forecasting and capital structure management, and assisting with portfolio performance reporting.

Internal Control Review and Improvement

Our experience in implementing internal control system improvement projects has seen our experts perform operations across a wide range of work, employing their inter-disciplinary experiences.

Internal control system improvement projects involve our consultants assisting companies to identify and assess risks related to the accuracy of their financial statements and the security of information systems and reliability of data. Based upon assessing these risks, DFK Vietnam professionals make an assessment as to the adequacy of the internal control procedures designed and perform checks on whether these procedures are appropriately implemented. Upon completion of these assessments our consultants develop documentation that clearly describes the processes, risks and controls identified, and any recommendations for internal control improvements based upon an agreed set of objectives.

Regulatory Compliance

There are municipal, provincial, federal, international and industry-specific regulations that need to be met — and enforced by all stakeholders of the company – that are key to the continued success of a business. We can sift through the legalities, eliminate confusion and help your company meet the applicable regulations that have been enforced.

Fraud Prevention

Whether a company is growing domestically or entering new markets around the world, the threat of fraud and its resulting costs can be severe. Lost revenue, damaged reputation, or even the company’s collapse can occur without effective fraud-risk management programs for protection. We have spent considerable time building our experience in the disciplines of fraud prevention. We can perform a tailored analysis of your company’s overseas operations or domestic new market expansion plans, which could result in specialized training and other techniques to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity.

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